WordPress FlipBook Plugin- Cool FlipBook

WordPress FlipBook Plugin- Cool FlipBook WordPress Cool Flip Book Plugin will enhance the way to show images from a folder as a catalog or flip book on your WordPress site.

As all of our plugins Cool Flip Book plugin is also very easy to install, configure and use.

This is absolutely a simple but powerful plugin which you can use without loosing your energy!

Display Catalogues on Your WordPress! Site in a Better Way!

Very Easy to Use!

  • Install Plugin
  • Set Parameters
    • Set Direction - LTR or RTL
    • Show book opened or closed at start
    • Container Width
    • Container Height
    • Show Page Numbers or
    • Show Next Page Preview
    • Show Preview Page Preview
    • Set Page Speed
    • Set the start page
    • Enable or Disable Tabs for Control
    • Enable or Disable Arrows for Control
    • Show full image size in a modal popup when click to regular image
  • For style customizations; there is a css file
    • You can ask for support at community forum when you need help
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are dedicated developers and we update our extensions regularly.
    Never Hesitate to contact if you have a suggestion or if you think there is a bug.
  • Released on: May 19, 2014
  • Last Update: May 19, 2014
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Version History

  • 1.0.1


Free for All Members


Purchase and Download

12.50 USD - BUY NOW!
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Browser Compatibility:

Firefox CompatibleChrome CompatibleSafari CompatibleIE7+ Compatible


WordPress Plugin


Direct from Developer at Forum

Installation & Settings

Very Easy via Joomla Installer
Each Parameter Explained Very Clear.


CSS Files Included

WordPress FlipBook is a very easy to nstall and use Plugin for all your wordpress websites. all you need to do is upload the files and set the plugin parameters

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