Joomla Same Alias Errors

Joomla Same Alias Errors

Do you get sometimes following errors which have problems with the alias?
  • Save failed with the following error: Another article from this category has the same alias
  • Save failed with the following error: Another menu item has the same alias in Root. Root is the top level parent

That may happen when you are saving a menu item, an article, or a category item

Sometimes you can not find even after checking the aliases from the lists.

In this case i recommend you checking the unpublished items or trashed items

If you still can not find, i recommend you to check the database tables

  • for menu aliases #__menu
  • for content aliases #__content
  • for category aliases #__categories
#__ is for your database table prefix you choose at first install e.g. abcd_categories
You can download this tables and analyze alias fields to see where the alias is already used.

Please Note:

Before working with database, and before you change something, never forget to make a backup