How to Copy and Rename Joomla Default Templates

How to Copy and Rename Joomla Default Templates After installing your first Joomla website on your localhost you start to use one of the default templates. If you customize this templates, you may lost the changes if an auto update effects the files you changed. It is a good option to copy and rename one of the default template you are planning to use.

How to copy and rename a Joomla Template

If you want to copy and rename a template first of all you need to know which files you need to customize:
  • Take a copy of the template folder
  • Take copies of templates language files and put in to the template folder


  • Firstly rename the folder that you copied, lets say your new templates name: mytemplate
  • Rename the language files you copied from /languages folder in to your template folder
    • en-GB.tpl_mytemplate.ini
    • en-GB.tpl_mytemplate.sys.ini
  • Make changes at templateDetails.xml file
  • Open xml file with an editor and make the following changes
    • mytemplate
    • en-GB.tpl_mytemplate.ini
    • en-GB.tpl_mytemplate.sys.ini
    • Make a search in this file and see if there is any folder / file related with old template name and if you find make related changes
  • Now it is ready to zip and install! You cna zip the folder and install it via Joomla Installer!

How to Copy and Rename Joomla Default Templates, it is quite easy and that will help you working on your own template folder without effecting from updates

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