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Call to undefined method Error getValue() in Joomla 3
22 September 2014
Call to undefined method Joomla\Registry\Registry::getValue() is a common error when you upgrade your joomla extensions to version 3. All you need to do is a little bit care and some changes in your extension codes.
Show a Module Only to Selected User Group in Joomla
07 June 2014
You can Show a Module Only to Selected User Group in Joomla. all you need to do is getting the user group id(s) after user is logged in as an array and check if the user is in the right group we want to show the module.
Writing Code in Joomla Articles with Geshi
23 May 2014
Joomla Geshi Plugin will help you writing the code in the content much easily and show the code without loosing the syntax, markups. Geshi ss a default content plugin in Joomla
How to Change Joomla Admin Article List Default Order?
13 May 2014
Joomla default article list order can be pain sometimes. However Joomla developers made a good choice and listed by the title ascending you may need to change this order. It is simple no worries!
What is an Htaccess Hack and How to Secure Your Site?
16 January 2014
Htaccess Hack is a common problem for webmasters, site owners, developers. It is mostly made by the hackers who want to redirect your sites traffic to the sites with harmful codes
No input file specified Error and Solution
16 January 2014
No input file specified Error comes especially with the servers has CGI and FastCGI Implementations and a few changes can be the solutions.
Deny Access to XML Files for A Secure Joomla Site
14 January 2014
Deny Access to XML Files for A Secure Joomla Site by htaccess is really important and you can do that in a few steps easily.
How to Stylize Each Menu Item Differently
14 January 2014
How to Stylize Each Menu Item Differently in many web projects you may need to stylize each menu item seaprately for a better user experience
JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file - Installation Error
13 January 2014
JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file is a common installation error when you are trying to install a file via joomla installer
How to Create RSS Feeds on Your Joomla Site
13 January 2014
How to Create RSS Feeds - Creating RSS Feed is important for getting better search engine rankings and in the same time you can use RSS Feeds for visitors who want to follow via rss reader.
How to Determine jQuery Conflicts?
11 January 2014
How to Determine jQuery Conflicts? JQuery Libraries should be loading only once per required page. This is also important for performance of your site JOOMLA VIDEO TUTORIAL
Redirect Broken Links with Htaccess
09 January 2014
Redirect Broken Links with Htaccess is a very important subject and it is especially important for not to loose site visitors and the rankings of your site.
Joomla Could Not Instantiate Mail Function Error
08 January 2014
Joomla Could Not Instantiate Mail Function Error is a common error especially when you setup your joomla on a localhost or when your server does not support php mail() function
Disallow Google Indexing PDF and RSS Pages
04 January 2014
You may want to disallow search engines e.g. google to index RSS and PDF type of pages. All you need to do is some change at robots.txt file.
How to Add Javascript Code in Custom HTML Module
04 January 2014
Many times you may need to use javascript codes in a Custom HTML module, such adsense codes or any other javascript codes.
How to Access Custom Profile Fields?
22 December 2013
You may need to access user profile fields in your joomla site. It is very easy to access this fields by using a piece of code.
How to Make a Template Override?
20 December 2013
Joomla Template Override is a great feature since Joomla 1.5 and gives us complete control over the HTML output of the code from Joomla!
How to Create an None Clickable Menu Item
20 December 2013
Many times you may need a menu item that is not linked to any content or component. In such case e.g. for a parent-level menu item, you can create easily a menu item type
How to Print User Details in Joomla?
18 December 2013
You can print user data easily with Joomla built in function getUser(). You can use this function for showing specific items, content to specific users
How to Copy and Rename Joomla Default Templates
18 December 2013
How to Copy and Rename Joomla Default Templates, it is quite easy and that will help you working on your own template folder without effecting from updates
How to Show Article Title Instead Read More Text?
15 December 2013
Changing Read More Link of Joomla 2.5 Site is not so difficult. All you need to do following the steps and never forget to make a template override.
Joomla Vulnerable Extensions
15 December 2013
Joomla Vulnerable Extensions List is one of the unique place every Joomla Webmaster, Site Builder or Site Owner should definitely follow!
10 New Features of Joomla 3.2
15 December 2013
On November 6th the Joomla Project and Community announced the availability of version 3.2 as a stable release.
Customizing Joomla Offline Page
09 December 2013
Joomla Offline Page is fully customizable. You can have great offline pages and give good messages if you want to show something clever and nice when your site is not online yet.
Search Term Minimum and Maximum Values
06 December 2013
Joomla Search Component Limits the number of characters and the words for the search term, you can edit 2 files and set new values for minimum values
Customizing Joomla Search Results Page
06 December 2013
Customizing Joomla Search Results Page may help you having more indexeded pages and even with unique meta description, meta title and keywords. That will definitely help you having more rankings and traffic in long term
Joomla 3 Contact Page Setup
26 November 2013
Joomla 3 Contact Page Setup is simple and you can turn on and off several options via contact component parameters. Watch Video Tutorial
Using Joomla Page Breaks
19 November 2013
Joomla Page Breaks will help you splitting long articles to sections and will help you better presentation of your content
How to Customize Page Titles in Template
17 November 2013
Customizing Joomla Page Titles Dynamically is possible by adding some codes in your template files.
Joomla 3 and Responsive Web Design
15 November 2013
Joomla 3 comes with BootStrap Adapted and gives advantages of being Responsive for both front and backend
How to Access Your Joomla Database in an Extension?
13 November 2013
Access to your Joomla Database in an Extension is very easy by using Joomla database classes from Joomla API
Joomla Admin Password Reset via Database
12 November 2013
Joomla Admin Password resetting is not so difficult. All you need to do is only a few steps
Fix Joomla 2.5 error for corrupted editor condition
11 November 2013
Fix up Joomla 2.5.2 error for corrupted editor to format articles on site
Remove or Change Alias in Joomla Url?
11 November 2013
Easy way to remove or change Alias Url in joomla site to get a new alias that fits to your requirement
Joomla Re-Captcha Not Working at Forms
11 November 2013
Joomla Recaptcha Plugin was not working in last days and we really need to find a soluting for this case. We hope our solution helps you too! Special thanks to Olivier who informed us that our captcha is not working at registration form.
Error 500 JHtmlJquery: :framework not found in file
08 November 2013
Error 500 JHtmlJquery: :framework not found in file - Installing an upper version of joomla may cause the error. Read Solution
How to get rid of garbage text from content on a Joomla site?
07 November 2013
How to get clean content on Joomla site? Just care what you paste in to article editor.
How I can add a new module position in a template Joomla 2.5
07 November 2013
How to add a new module position in Joomla 2.5?
How to track HTTP Error 500 in joomla!
07 November 2013
How to track Http error 500 after installing Joomla extension
Menu Item Redirects me to Menu Manager
06 November 2013
Getting redirected to the menu manger after selecting a menu item
How to Find Article Global Settings
06 November 2013
Where to find ?Global? settings to manage article default settings?
How can I link Article ID to display Menu in Joomla 2.5?
06 November 2013
How to display menu and modules while linking in Joomla 2.5?
Malicious Code in Joomla Website
21 October 2013
Malicious Code in Joomla Website, How to prevent and remove malicious code from your joomla site
Joomla Same Alias Errors
27 July 2013
Joomla Same Alias Errors are a common error that many people experienced. Here is some tricks to solve the issue
Joomla SEO Basics for Beginners
27 July 2013
You can make your Joomla Site SEO Friendly and compete with any other website. All you need to do is following simple steps.
Installing Joomla Extensions
27 July 2013
Installing a joomla extension can be sometimes difficult but Joomla has 3 different options to prevent difficulties.
Introducing Joomla Extensions
27 July 2013
What are the differences between Modules, Plugins and Components
Joomla 3.0 and Bootstrap
27 July 2013
Joomla is improving and at version 3.0 for UI Bootstrap added. Bootstrap will empower Joomla Sites
What is coming new with Joomla 3.0?
27 July 2013
Joomla one of the Best CMS is coming with new features but what is coming new with Joomla 3.0?
Best Htaccess for Your Joomla Website
27 July 2013
Best Htaccess for Your Joomla Website. Using a good prepared htaccess file will save you from many problems
How to Prevent jQuery Problems at My Joomla Site
27 July 2013
How to prevent jquery problems at my joomla site.
Why Joomla Needs a Blank Index.html in Every Folder?
27 July 2013
Joomla Blank index.html prevents you from a possible attack and adds a basic privacy to your folders.


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