Google Coordinate Finder

Find Coordinates from Address

Here is a tool to find accurate geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) for any place with this tool.
You can use the tool

  • by moving around the map and zooming in, or
  • by typing an address if the place is unknown.

The default location and address are those of Fethiye - Mugla - Turkey

Find coordinates by moving around the map

  • Drag and drop the map to broad location.
  • Zoom in for greater accuracy
  • Drag and drop the marker to pinpoint the place.
  • The coordinates are refreshed at the end of each move.

Find coordinates using the name and/or address of the place

  • Submit the full location : number, street, city, country.
  • For big cities and famous places, the country is optional. "Fethiye Marine" or "Kiz Kulesi" will do.

Enter Address and Click to Find Coordinates!

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