Joomla SEO and Content Analyze Component - FREE VERSION

Joomla SEO and Content Analyze Component - FREE VERSION Please Note:Free Version has limited functions. Only Content Analyze and Add Meta Plugins are working and other functions are disabled

Joomla Site Content Analyze, SEO, Google Position Analyze and Reporting Extension

Dominate Your Site is a great component and plugins package to analyze Joomla Site Content, Site Search Engine Rankings, Alexa Rankings, Google Position of your and your competitors websites.

Dominate Your Site Around the Web, Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Analyze Yours and Your Competitor Sites via Your Joomla Backend!

  • Analyze Joomla Core Content
  • Analyze Content Title, Content Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Determine Keyword Density
  • Report Your and Your Competitors Site Rankings on the Net & SAVE to CREATE REPORTS
    • Google Page Rank
    • Google Backlinks
    • Google Indexed Pages
    • Google Indexed Images
    • Bing Indexed Pages
    • Bing Indexed Images
    • Yahoo Indexed Pages
  • Report Alexa Rankings and SAVE to CREATE REPORTS
    • Global Ranking
    • 3 Months Change
    • Mostly Visitors COuntry
    • Country Ranking
    • Alexa Backlinks
    • Reach Ranking
  • Check Google Position of Your Websit SAVE to CREATE REPORTS
  • Check Any of Your Competitors Google Positions SAVE to CREATE REPORTS
  • View Statistics for your competing Keywords
  • Add Meta Description and Keywords at the bottom of content


  • PLEASE NOTE: We are dedicated developers and we update our extensions regularly.
    Never Hesitate to contact if you have a suggestion or if you think there is a bug.
  • Current Version 1.0.1

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Joomla Compatibility:

Joomla 2.5.x

Browser Compatibility:

Firefox CompatibleChrome CompatibleSafari CompatibleIE7+ Compatible


Joomla! Component
Joomla! Plugin
Comes as a package and Easy to install


Direct from Developer at Forum.

Installation & Settings

Very Easy via Joomla Installer
Each Parameter Explained Very Clear.
There are 4 User Guide Videos
There is a User Guide as PDF


CSS Files Included
You can disable jQuery

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