Ads Manager Super Slider

Ads Manager Super Slider Module is a great slider solution to show ads on your Classified Site. Module get ads from AdsManager Extension's selected category(s.

Ads Manager Super Slider is very flexible, easy to use and it is necessary for every webmaster, site-builder who has a Classified Site with AdsManager.

Ads Manager Super Slider Module has several functions which you can control easily via module back-end.

Module is Very Easy to use!

All you need to do is :

  • Installing Module via Joomla Installer
  • After Installation, Set Parameters via Module Back-end
    You can set / control all via back-end
    • Ads Manager Category ID(s)
    • Number of Ads
    • Show or Hide Ad Description
    • Linkable Description
    • Description Lenght
    • Show View Ad Link / Button
    • You can enable or diable, Jquery Library and Easing Plugin Library
    • Animation Speed in miliseconds
    • Animation Delay in miliseconds
    • 11 Different Animations
    • 30 Different Easing for each Animation
    • You can control Module Container Width and Height
    • You can set different Image Width and Height, so module and images fits to your module position
    • You can show or hide Previous, Next buttons
    • You can show or hide Pager (page numbers per image)
    • You can randomize the image show
    • You can add ability to pause on mouse over the images
  • After completing settings Publish the module
  • For style customizations; there is a css file
    • You can ask for support at community forum when you need help
Ads Manager Super Slider

Joomla Compatibility:

Joomla 2.5
Joomla 3.0

Browser Compatibility:

Firefox CompatibleChrome CompatibleSafari CompatibleIE7+ Compatible




Direct from Developer at Forum



CSS Files Included
You can disable jQuery

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