Extension & Plugin Updates!

Extension & Plugin Updates!

Extension & Plugin Updates! Hi again all the Valley Visitors and the Members!

We have several extension and plugin updates in last 10 days.

If you laready downloaded any of the extension or plugin you can simply visit the product pages and check for the latest updates on the Update & Version History part of the page.

Our Popular Works:
  • Mega PopUp
  • Cool FlipBook
  • Optin Pro
  • and the Dominate Your Site
    • has been updated to the new verisons.

      How to Apply Upgraded Versions

      First of all we would like to say that, if you want to make a customization on an extension please do not forget to make a template override. So you never loose changes when you apply / install the latest changes.

      You can simply install the latest version and you will get the updated version on your joomla site. If you want to learn about Template Override, we have a tutorial from our developers here: Joomla Template Override Tutorial

      Dominate Your Site Joomla 3

      You can get from now on Dominate Your Site for your Joomla 3 We prepared a promo for letting you to test, promo is valid till first of Julyand only limited downloads

      Promo Code is 50OFF and you will get a 50% Discount! We wish all a perfect week and happy coding!